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Blow moulding service

Technical Service

In addition to our other services and products for blowmolding, we offer a comprehensive, technical service from UES. The service is carried out by our respective specialists in order to fulfill your ideas and plans.


  • Fixing technical problems on your location or at UES

  • Provision of spare parts

  • Move your machine to another place

  • Commissioning of the modernized machine

  • Optimization of your production

  • Advice on technical questions

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After Sales Service

Maintenance & Technical Support

UES offers scheduled maintenance where our technicians support you throughout to avoid machine downtime. We also offer an ongoing service package for customers. Here, we fully monitor your machine and you receive ideal and safe support from us. 

We also offer customer oriented support for our heads.
Whether you buy a new or reconditioned extrusion head from UES. You are on the safe side with our service offer. To ensure a long service life, our specialised technicians can carry out a complete overhaul, rebuild or repair at our factory.


Purchase of your blow moulding machine

We are happy to help you - simply and discreetly. Through years of experience and an efficient network, we quickly find a serious, solvent buyer for your plastic blow moulding machine and protect your production area from the eyes of potential competitors. 

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Contact Us

UES - Universal Extrusion Service

Ruhlsdorfer Str. 100
DE - 14513 Teltow 


Phone: +49 3328 35 31 18

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