Blow Moulding Heads by UES

Variants & Options

Accumulator Heads


  • Overlapped heart curves

  • Ring accumulator piston (180mm stroke)

  • Nozzle range 110-180mm

  • 860kg weight

  • Internal WTC (+- 12.5mm stroke).

  • For HDPE with MFI ≥ 6 g/10 min.


  • Control cabinet with heating zones

  • Spiral distributor

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Heart-Curve Heads


  • Overlapped heart curve 

  • Option decorative layer 

  • Choke for each layer on single head 

  • Material independent for lowest MFI 

  • Hydraulic wall thickness control (WTC) 

  • Visible stripe option 

  • Fully balanced hot runner. 

  • Decorative extruder can be mounted vertically upside down

  • MFI HDPE = 2-3 g/ 10min possible on request

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Spider Heads


  • Overlapped bar spike holder

  • Modular design. 

  • Restrictor for each head and each layer

  • Horizontal or vertical manifold block possible

  • Hydraulic wall thickness control (WTC)

  • Option: Sight stripe 

  • Manifold block with chokes

  • Fully balanced hot runner for both layers.

  • Multiple heads up to 10-fold possible.

  • Deco-Extruder can be mounted vertically on manifold

  • Only for HDPE with MFI > 20 g/10min.

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Spiral Distributor Heads


  • Avoidance of streaks.

  • Clear PP

  • CaCo3 filled materials or sensitive masterbatch

  • For HDPE > 10 g/10 min

  • Multiple heads up to 4-fold

  • Fully balanced hot runner. 

  • Hydraulic wall thickness control (WTC)

  • Sight strip option

Screenshot (5).png

Multilayer Heads


  • Production of pesticide canisters

  • Barrier EVOH

  • Visible stripes in the outer layer

  • For HDPE > 10 g/10 min

  • Hydraulic wall thickness control (WTC)

  • 4 extruder connections

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